I am a Psychology student with the University of Phoenix. I have almost completed my second term and I am very proud of myself as I currently have a 3.84 GPA. I am enjoying studying Psychology very much. I have the best Psychology Professor and he helps make class and the study of Psychology very interesting.

Being it is the end of the calendar year I have been taking time to reflect and also think about my future. In the past I thought that I might like to work with battered women someday. Now I am leaning towards Forensic Psychology and teaching. This past year I was going through a great deal in my personal life. I had so many challenges to overcome with the end of my marriage. It was my Professors who provided me with the most inspiration and motivation during these tough times.

I researched as to how I could become a Psychology Professor and I found that I would need at least a Master’s Degree and 5 years working experience in the field of Psychology. As a result of this I decided that I would like to earn my PhD in Psychology at the University of Phoenix and then become a Forensic Psychologist and then after acquiring enough work experience I would like to return to the University of Phoenix as a Psychology Professor.

I selected Forensic Psychology because I am intrigued by the field. I would like to better understand why criminals are led to such desperation and a life of crime. I would like to somehow assist our country in preventing future massacres. I can see myself doing research and trying to figure out what created mass murderers like James Holmes and Adam Lanza. I can also see myself working with police in order to help catch serial rapists and murderers. I want more than anything to help solve current cases and prevent future crimes. I would love to help make the world a safer place for everyone.

In addition to this I am currently writing a book about my experiences with Domestic Violence. My education with the University of Phoenix is assisting me with becoming a better writer. I hope that someday my book can be published and help other women break the cycle of violence. I would love to obtain a book deal and become a New York Times Best Selling Author. I could see myself writing a series of self-help books that will help inspire and motivate people to improve their lives as I have. I enjoy writing in my spare time and have had few of my inspirational articles published recently on the web.

I would also like a career in teaching as I feel that I would enjoy mentoring students as well as inspiring and motivating them as my Professors have done for me. If it were not for my college Professors I would not have come this far and have accomplished so much. Not only have I learned academic material but I have learned what I am capable of and have truly gotten to know myself much better. Aristotle once said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” I have found this to be true.

I have a very supportive and wonderful graduation team at the University of Phoenix. They have seen me through my challenges and tough times this year. I would truly be lost without them. Thanks to the University of Phoenix I have acquired self-esteem and self-efficacy. As a result my quality of life is so much richer.

I am currently a freshman and plan to obtain my PhD in Psychology so I have many years to go. With how much I have grown, learned, and accomplished in so little time with the University of Phoenix I feel that my time will be very well spent and I am looking very forward to my future with the University of Phoenix.